Heritage Products is part of the company Komptech Sambeek BV. With Komptech we are active in the field of agriculture and chicken housing. We have been selling climate systems in this field for many years. Most of these climate and cooling solutions are permanent installations. Heritage Products has used the knowledge and experience we have to put together a mobile machine fit for use in horse stables. We call this machine the Komptech Blue Breeze and it is based on the principles of evaporative cooling. This is a technique that has proven itself and is very easy to use. The Blue Breeze machine is compact with a size of 120x80x120cm and has an empty weight of just 80kg. The capacity is 20.000 m3 / hour. This is enough to cool a space of roughly 250 – 300 m2. If you want more info you can look at the special page here: Blue Breeze.