Country Fence

Sturdy wooden fencing. reliable and affordable

Durable and low maintenance

A natural fence s not only a fence for your meadow, but it also harmonizes perfectly with its surroundings.

Our wooden fences are made of North European deal. These wooden fences are characterized by a year-long durability: the posts and rails are made of first class softwood.

Well preserved wood guarantees a long lifetime and is maintenance free.


Pressure treated wood

Before the wood is worked up to a beautiful fence, it is impregnated with pit-coal taroil, by a special technique.

By using this process, the substances will penetrate deeply in the wood and thus offer protection against noxious influences from the outside. At the same time, the wood gets its beautiful looks. Furthermore, because the horses do not like the taste of pit-coal tar, they will not bite the fences.

Indication of pricing for round in round wooden fences:
2-rails: € 13,20 per meter excl. VAT / € 15,97 incl. VAT
3-rails: € 15,80 per meter excl. VAT / € 19,12 incl. VAT

These prices are an indication of the meter price. This price does not include gates, installation and transport.