Permanent arena

Superior fencing for your dressage arena

The Heritage Products permanent arena is composed of PVC posts and planks. A standard permanent arena is installed on concrete banding and is 35cm high. The distance between the posts is 2,5 meters. Just like the Heritage Fence, this permanent arena is very low maintenance, safe for horse and rider and durable. It is also possible to install a permanent arena with posts in the ground or with more then one rail.

Indication pricing for permanent arenas:

Installation on concrete
20×40 meter: € 1.262,25 excl. VAT
20×60 meter: € 1.683,- excl. VAT

Installation in the ground
20×40 meter: € 1.581,- excl. VAT
20×60 meter: € 2.091,- excl. VAT

These prices are indications. For an exact offer, please contact us or your local dealer.