Heritage Fence

The classic and well known white polymer fence from Heritage Products

The Heritage fence is a traditional fence, made of advanced materials. The used materials are a mix of 100% pure high polymer resin and UV-inhibitors that prevent the sun from affecting the material.

This eminent PVC resists all weather conditions and keeps its color and form. No more painting is needed because this vinyl fence does not decay or peel off.
With Heritage fence you invest in a durable, safe fence, which is easy to maintain. Furthermore, the fence is also easy to install.

This PVC is completely recyclable and thus eco-friendly. In short, if you esteem quality and safety above everything else, Heritage Products offers you the perfect solution.

  • Manufactured to befunctional.
  • Exclusive design.
  • Perfect finish with care for detail.
  • Solidconstruction.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Extremely safe: Fewer animal injuries.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • 10 years warranty, ask for our terms of warranty.


Heritage Products designs and produces special gates for its Heritage Fence. These gates have a classic look to them and enjoy the same advantages as the fence. They are very durable and low maintenance.


Because of the in-house production of these gates, Heritage Products is able to make them custom were neccessary. Offcourse we also have several standard sizes. Changes can easily be made to the width, rail-distance and height of the gate.

Angled installation

Heritage Fence can easily be installed at an angle in any riding arena. This style is being aplied were safety matters most. It prevents accidentally hitting the fence when riding close to it. The fence is advised to be installed at an 11 degree angle.

Various applications

Besides fencing a horse paddock or riding arena, the Heritage Fence can be used in various different applications. Think of fences around a balcony of decked terrace. Heritage Products happily helps you in figuring out the right maintenance free sollution for your project.

Round pens

Heritage Fence can be easily adapted to serve as the fence in a round pen. By using slightly shorter postdistances a more fluid round shape can be created. By using the Heritage Fence in a round pen you can benefit from the charactistics of high quality PVC fence such as low maintenance and safety.

Indication pricing for Heritage Fence:
2-rails: € 31,22  per meter excl. VAT
3-rails: € 39,38 per meter excl. VAT

Prices are indications and do not include gates, installation or transport.


Heritage Products has an instruction manual for the installation of Heritage Fence and Artwood Fence. Below you will find the link to download this manual. If you have any questions during installation then please do not hesitate to contact the office for further support.

Download: 2019 Installation instructions Heritage Fence web