Electra Fence

Low maintenance, affordable and easy install
The Heritage Products electric fence consists of strong and durable vinyl posts, through which the wire is stretched, holding the wire in place. Insulators, external conductions or installation brackets are unnecessary. For that reason, the wire is wear and tear free, securing a straight fence for years, without having to tighten it now and then.

Heritage Products also offers the matching electric wire appliance and accessories. But, besides all the different components, the fence will only satisfy, when it is put in the right way.

Therefore, Heritage Products has his own specialised team to assemble the electric fence and posts, according valid requirements. If, nevertheless, you choose to mount it yourself, the Heritage representative will always council you in the best possible way.

  • Wear and tear free
  • Straight and good looking fence
  • Safe
  • Low cost benefits
  • Easy to install

Indication pricing for Electra Fence:
Square post 85x85mm incl. cap: € 20,55 per pc. excl. VAT
Round post including cap: € 20,65 per pc. excl. VAT

Pricing of Electra Fence varies greatly with interpost distance, number of wires and total length of fence.