Divider fences and chute fences

To temporarly divide a riding arena or to funnel horses towards a jump

Heritage Products uses the innovative PVC profiles of the permanently installed fences to build temporary fences as well. These fences are ideal for dividing your arena in multiple sections during training or competition. The fences are completely assembled as one piece so they can be used quickly and easily. We furthermore produce special chute fences to guide your horse into jumps. These can be ordered as straight fences or inclining fences to put right up the jumps. All the fences will be finished with our special and safe polymer feet.

The divider fences are standard available in 2, 4 and 5 meter length. The 2m version can be ordered as an inclining height fence. 

We produce these fences inhouse and have a lot of options for custom work. So We are happy to see how we can make a perfect custom solution for your situation. For example, we have made lower fences with smal rails to put on an existing wooden barrier and we have supplied the 2m fences with holes for rails on the outside. With these holes, the customer is able to use rails they already own to make more meters of temporary fences. 


Divider fences per piece:

2 meter straight: € 175,- excl. VAT

2 meter incline: € 195,- excl. VAT

4 meter: € 210,- excl. VAT

5 meter: € 220,- excl. VAT


Pricing and availability for Artwood version on request.