Sponsor jumps

Obstacles that will promote your business perfectly
The equestrian jumping sport is a very attractive stage for promoting your business. From small events to international Grand Prixs, there are always a lot of enthousiastic people involved with them. This provides for a large audience and exposure. A well thought-out and designed jump will represent your brand or company among a divers group of spectators.

The team from Heritage Products is happy to assist you in finding the best way to start promoting yourself in the equestrian world. We prefer to work with high qualilty polymer parts to ensure low maintenance and durable looks. We are also able to provide top quality wooden parts to match your company colors. The jumps we produce are safe for horse and rider and practical in use.

The standard sponsor jump by Heritage Products is called Flexpro. This systems is based on a polymer welded frame in which a full-colored sheet is strung. The result is nice and flexible because the sheets can be changed without damaging the frame. We can also provide custom wings and shapes.

Safety for horse and rider

Heritage Products Flexpro jumps provide for the best safety for horse and rider. The innovative design and use of high quality polymers ensure a splinterfree, lightweight and durable jump.

Ultimate functionality

The polymer parts of the jumps never need to be painted. After use you can simply clean the jump with water and it will look perfectly again. Because of the lightweight of the frames they are easy to transport and store. Heritage Products furthermore uses the standard 24mm keyhole profile so you can use various brands of cups on them.

Mix of materials

While the polymer parts have superior durability and low maintenance, somethimes you brands colors ask for custom colors. Off course the full color printed sheets can be made as you want. We can complement this with customly collored wooden poles. This will give you jump the recognizable character of you company and brand.

Custom designs

Heritage Products is able to produce various kinds of shapes from polymer sheets. Combining custom shapes with full-color printing can give your jump a unique look resulting in increased exposure and a perfect fit with your brands image.

Your personal sketch and offer

You can get a Flexpro sponsorjump for as little as € 783,60 excl. VAT. We gladly help you in finding the right style and layout for you brand and budget. We take you through the process from sketch to finished jump. Send us a link to you website and your wished for a jump and we make an offer and sketch for it. Big brands such as Pavo and Rabobank allready use Heritage Products jumps.