The most effective cooling solution for horse stables

Heritage Products is part of the company Komptech Sambeek BV. With Komptech we are active in the field of agriculture and chicken housing. We have been selling climate systems in this field for many years. Most of these climate and cooling solutions are permanent installations. Heritage Products has used the knowledge and experience we have to put together a mobile machine fit for use in horse stables. We call this machine the Komptech Blue Breeze and it is based on the principles of evaporative cooling. This is a technique that has proven itself and is very easy to use. The Blue Breeze machine is compact with a size of 120x80x120cm and has an empty weight of just 80kg. The capacity is 20.000 m3 / hour. This is enough to cool a space of roughly 250 – 300 m2. 

Evaporative cooling

Warm air gets sucked through the cooling pads by the fan in the front. These pads are made of paper and provide a very large surface area. A water pump will distribute water over these pads to make them completely wet. This water will evaporate in the warm air and the heat that is required is taken from the air. This makes the air coming out at the front both more humid and colder. Under ideal conditions this system is capable of cooling down a room by more then 10 degrees Celsius. The system is most effective in hot and dry conditions. 

Easy handling

The fan speed of this cooling unit is adjustable on the control panel. The airflow can be aimed using the 2 sets of guides in front of the fan. The horizontal guides can be adjusted manualy and individualy. For example: the lower ones can be aimed upwards to prevent dust laying in front of the machine being blown around. The vertical guides be be set to either swing automaticaly left and right or to stay put. The fan can also be used stand alone without the water pump when you just want to have the airflow without cooling.

In the table below we give an indication of the cooling capacity in various environments. The basic factors are the starting temperature and the relative humidity. The temperature in the table is the end temperature after/during cooling.